Established in Taiwan in 1997, Solidex Audio Corporation started its business by connecting European customers with China based manufacturers of high quality loudspeaker transducers, loudspeaker systems and related electro-acoustic products.

Today, Solidex has its own factories in China as well as strategic partnerships with a number of manufacturers to provide a wide range of capabilities and products for OEM and ODM clients. By having a choice of factories in which to place projects, Solidex can design and manufacture products which range from cost effective to high end. The factory selection is optimized for the type of product that will be placed there for production; and factories are selected based on quality, delivery and price to ensure Solidex customers receive the best products at the lowest cost.

Until recently, the majority of Solidex customers were European based, primarily mid to high-end well-known brand names in the home audio and car audio markets. Solidex has an American office to develop and support the American market and an European office to provide support to the large existing European customer base. Solidex is committed to providing world class support to all its customers worldwide.

Having the right team is important. With a staff in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, European and United States, The Solidex Group can develop products in a very cost effective manner and do so very quickly and efficiently. All segments of the development process from concept to final production are managed by the Solidex team to ensure superior quality and performance at the lowest possible costs. Solidex is a full service professional company with complete staff in-house, from senior acoustic design engineers and industrial designers to project managers and customer representatives. Solidex’s highly skilled employees and dedicated technical staff ensure the products meet our customer’s specified requirements in all respects-from design engineering to production to quality control to pricing, and finally to packing and on-time shipping.

The China mainland market offers a large range of audio manufacturing factories numbering in the thousands and spanning the wide Chinese landscape. Finding a qualified factory that can provide the right product and the right price is a daunting task. But Solidex has already done the work-our factories build the highest quality products, regardless of price, and can build to any specification and performance level while keeping costs low. Let our team develop your next product.

Our customers’ confidentiality is of paramount importance to us-you will not find any photos in this brochure of proprietary that we manufacture for our customers-we respect all confidential information.